19 October 2017

Rules For A Better Life

Journal - Life, Style, Beauty by Make Over
19 Oktober 2017

Nobody has easy life and frankly we need problem because it makes us tougher. It may seems hard now, but you will thank God for it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? They say that our neighbor’s grass is always greener than ours. Is it true? Is it because God gave them a greener grass or actually we forget to nurture ours? So if you see it from a bird eye view, whatever happens, there’s always one little thing that we could be grateful of. Just believe.

        Keep in mind that it is easy to be grateful
Greet everyone you meet with a smile
Spend time with your loved ones
Thank all the people who do something to you, even the little thing
Always remember that every person has their own problem
Have contact with people who are not as lucky as you, financially
Believe that you could change your life, believe that you have the power and authority
Breathe. And thank God that you are still living, healthy and complete

Article Source : Journal - Life, Style, Beauty by Make Over

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